Rasika Dugal Bo*ld Pic: 10 Hottest and best hot 2022Photos of Rasika Dugal aka Beena Tripathi from Mirzapur

Rasika Dugal Bo*ld Pic: 10 Hottest Photos of Rasika Dugal aka Beena Tripathi from Mirzapur

She is an actress who has received praise from critics and spectators for her sensual and brave role that defines the image of an actress in the Hindi film industry.

Rasika Dugal

She is s**y, Se*xy is thick and fearless. His character Beara Tripathi in a very popular web series Mirzapur has been bombarded with lovers because of the sensationalism it causes.

Hot photos of Rasika Dugal Go Viral on social media without the amount of time. He often uploads brave photos from shooting and other events where he took part.



She never gave up TV shows for films. He continued to work in both domains of entertainment.

Rasika Dugal

He is currently working on several web series that are immediately scheduled to be released on various OTT platforms. Mirzapur 3, Delhi Crime Season 2, Adhura,

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Spike and Lord Curzon Ki Haveli are the names of the web series that have been confirmed for him. Fans with enthusiasm waiting to return to OTT to celebrate

 sensuality, teasing and courage that he brought to the screen. However, until then, you can see some photos of the SE*XY listed below.

Rasika Dugal

She  latest heat click in black saree is the perfect balance between courage and tradition. He pulled him in the best way.

There is something about him and Saree. His character from Tripathi Beara in Mirzapur also killed every appearance in a beautiful saree, and here he in real life did the same thing.

He killed him with his eyes on this one. He looked brave and brave while staring directly at the eyes of the person in front of him.

His sensuality only peaked in traditional clothing. Rasika remains extraordinary in this photo which is clicked for brand promotion.